About His Holiness

About His Holiness Dr. Shri Vasanthvijayji Maharaj

Param Pujya Rashtrasant Yativarya Dr. Shri Vasanthvijayji Maharaj is a widely venerated and beloved ‘Teacher of Peace’. He is a deeply spiritual Jain monk, with an entirely secular and universal orientation to the pursuit of non-violent conflict resolution, promotion of peace, tolerance and brotherhood of mankind.

Gurudev's Philosophy

Over the years, his holiness has been earnestly working and contributing to spread the message of peace across the globe. He simply defines Peace as a mental state of having a positive attitude towards others surrounding you and towards yourself. Peace Education is the process of acquiring the values & knowledge, developing the attitude, skills & behavior to live in harmony with oneself, with others and with the natural environment.

He believes, if we are to hold out any hope for the future of our society and our nation, we must recognize the importance and relevance of Peace Education as a means to re-introduce and re-inculcate the right value systems in our children. If we get children to inculcate these key teachings from across all faiths and religions, it can be used to demonstrate that they are all alternative routes to the same spiritual goal. In-fact, there is no way to Peace. Peace is the way. It is indeed the path to a better tomorrow.

Of late, prominent world citizens, including Noble Laureates, have put forth the same idea. His Holiness expounded this belief 20 years ago & has been positively impacting the lives of millions of children through his school-centric contact peace programs. He is conscious that no effort in this direction will be fruitful without involving the other strong influences in the school fraternity – Teachers, Principals, Parents and Policy-makers. Hence these fraternities are now also being brought into the fold.

Gurudev’s Achievements

His Holiness has been earnestly contributing for the promotion of World Peace by organizing events worldwide & has also been bestowed with ocean of Honors. Some prominent ones are

Appointed as Diplomatic Counsellor of India by the International Parliament for Safety and Peace in September 2009.

Appointed as the Ambassador of Peace by Universal Peace Federation.

Appointed as Deputy Member of the National Assembly of the International Parliament Safety and Peace in September 2009.

Holder of Diplomatic Passport from the International Parliament for Safety and Peace.

Noble Peace Prize Nominee in 2011

Won the Public Peace Prize in 2015.

Holds 9 Guinness World Records & 5 Limca World Records for commendable Peace Promotion Events.

  • Spreading peace consciousness with the preparation of 2007 diverse dishes (recognised as a Guinness World Record)
  • Organised the Millennium Development Goal and World Peace Festival, 2008 held in Leicester, U.K., including the simultaneous lighting of 66,840 candles (recognised as a Guinness World Record)
  • Organised the simultaneous lighting of 1.31,000 lamps on the banks of River Ganga in India for World Peace on 8th June, 2008
  • Recognising the role of food as a calming influence on the mind, over 1500 different dishes were prepared in October 2006 to increase peace consciousness and celebrate the unifying diversity of food habits across the world. (recognised as a Guinness World Record)
  • Vasantha Vizha 2009 — a massive Peace Program amongst school children of Chennai, India, attended by over three-quarter million visitors. It included diverse activities like the sand-art sculptures on Marina Beach (the second largest beach in the world), as well as multiple talent auditions, essay writing and debates, cultural programs, etc. culminated in a day-long event which was attended by over 30,000 people. The highlight of the evening was the distribution of Mediclaim Bonds (Medical Insurance) to 20,000 school students, worth over Rs. 300 million.