About Rath Yatra

About Rath Yatra

4th March 2018

On the auspicious occasion of 5th March 2018, the 49th birthday of His Holiness, a Rath Yatra will commence to cover 10 States of India & return back to Krishnagiri in a year's time.

Aim of this Yatra
The aim of this yatra will be to spread awareness about the socially important issues which are prevalent in our society & also to provide a golden opportunity for all devotees to seek blessings of Lord Parshvanatha's specially worshiped idol & get the divine Vasakshep in their own city.

Social Cause Promotions
The Rath Yatra will also aim to promote the social cause on its entire route:

"Sikshit Bharat : Swasth Bharat : Shreshtha Bharat"

The dream of a beautiful, enriched & peaceful world is possible only if each individual works for self-development which requires proper education, guidance & positive attitude.

With the aim to spread message of "Sikshit Bharat : Swasth Bharat : Shreshtha Bharat", the Rath aims at:

  • To spread awareness about the importance & necessity of education & overall development of the future leaders of our world - the next generation Boys & Girls.
  • Awareness to eradicate the wide-spreading problem of Child Labor. Importance of educating them & providing solutions & facilities for the same.
  • Environmental conservation through tree plantation.
  • Women Empowerment.

A part of the funds collected during this yatra will be used for educating needy children. We will also extend help to schools who are in need. Under women empowerment campaign, we will provide them employment opportunities & ways to become self-dependent. A special team is being formed under the guidance of His Holiness which would help in getting these aids available to those who are in need.

Significance of Rath

This specially designed 26Ft. Long Rath will have a 51-inch-tall, miraculous idol of Lord Parshvanatha being served by Idols of Dharnendra Dev & Padmavati Mata, placed on a huge Kalash which will have in it the divine Vasakshep.

Significance of Vasakshep

The Rath will have a huge Kalash in which the Holy Vasakshep will be kept. This Vasakshep is specially collected from all over India by Holy ceremonies conducted:

  • At 108 Parshvanatha Teerth.
  • 120 Kalyanak Bhumi.
  • Worshipped by more than 100 Aacharyas.
  • Worshipped by more than 1000 Sadhu-Saadhvis.