About Temple

About the World’s most Gigantic Lord Parshvanatha’s Temple

This event will embark the foundation for constructing the world’s tallest temple of 421 Ft. Height & 410 Ft. Wide. The Spire (shikhar) of this Lord Parshvanatha’s mesmerizing temple will symbolize that non-violence, peace, spirituality and society’s wellbeing are the steps which can lead us to achieve the most successful heights of everything in our lives.

The temple will have 23 feet each, 4 splendid chowmukhi (four faced) idols of Lord Parshvanatha beneath a beautiful, 31 feet, Ashoka Tree. The Four Faced idols will symbolize world peace, humanity, kindness and spiritual well-being in all 4 directions. The Ashoka Tree while spreading the importance of preserving nature, also signifies a beautiful, compassionate, prosperous and peaceful lives of those who seek Lord's blessings.

Each of the four idols of Lord Parshvanatha will be amidst two idols of Dharnendra Dev & Padmavati Mata, offering chanvars to the chowmukhi idols. This signifies that even all Gods & Goddesses are always at service of Lord who believes in welfare of the World. These Gods & Goddesses also protect & bless those disciples who seek Lord's shelter.